Lietuva in brief - 2012-02-09

  • 2012-02-08

On Feb. 4 in Munich, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis conferred the award of honor of Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Lithuanian Diplomacy Star - on human rights defender and one of the founders of the Lithuanian Helsinki Group Eitan Finkelstein, and the first German Ambassador to Lithuania Gottfried Albrecht, reports MFA. When conferring the award on Albrecht, who was Ambassador to Lithuania from 1991 to 1992, the minister stressed that the appointment of European Ambassadors to Lithuania at that time was particularly important aiming to conquer the international arena. He said that Germany was among the first to take this step. When congratulating Finkelstein, the minister said that at that time his activities were very important not only for Lithuania, but also for promoting democratic forces in Russia. The name of Finkelstein and his contacts helped other human rights defenders to receive support and to establish contacts with the affinity group in Russia. On 3-4 February, Azubalis took part in the 48th Munich Security Conference, during which the participants discussed new energy security parameters and other issues.

To stimulate the development of economic ideas and promote financial literacy, the Bank of Lithuania is organizing this year a university student competition entitled ‘New Economic Ideas,’ reports LETA. “We are for fresh and bold ideas. So, we expect from our students a new and original view on key financial and economic issues,” Governor of the Bank of Lithuania Vitas Vasiliauskas said. To be considered for the competition, students, both Lithuanian and foreign nationals, must be enrolled in full-time Bachelor or Master’s degree programs at the country’s universities. Also, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, who are full-time students of Bachelor or Master’s degree programs in other countries are welcomed too.  Students are recommended to demonstrate a wider and deeper look into the formation of monetary and financial stability policy, economic integration processes, economic situation monitoring, quantitative assessment of economic laws, and other relevant issues. Cash prizes will be awarded to the authors of the three best works. Research papers for the competition “New Economic Ideas” must be submitted by April 30.