Buyer beware

  • 2012-01-19

Dear TBT,

While I do applaud the articles about industries here in Lithuania that are weathering the current economic situation well, I do not agree with the reasons why, or if this is really such a positive indicator. Before anyone can say that this is a “great or wonderful” - excuse me for laughing - positive indicator, it might be useful to take a step back and consider the source and purpose of the article. Yes, the economic situation has made competition for products and services greater, but this also has the effect of reducing quality. As only one example, my services include the correction, proofreading and editing of translations from the Lithuanian language to English - or to other languages.

When a client “shops the street” for the cheapest and fastest result, the product is diminished, and quality is forced out of the equation. Of course, every Lithuanian Vertimai Agency may promise that they can do perfect professional work, (a complete lie) but the truth is that the product is very low in quality and being pushed lower by the stress of lower prices and time constraints. 

Foreigners living in your country [Lithuania] don’t hurt you - we don’t have to - you hurt yourselves by your greed and ignorance.



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