Eesti in brief- 2011-12-22

  • 2011-12-22

The Estonian citizenship and migration board plans to revoke residence permits of 61 persons, mainly Russian citizens who received them under the notorious residence permit scheme masterminded by IRL members Indrek Raudne and Nikolai Stelmach, reports BBN. This is about a half of all people assisted by Raudne and Stelmach in receiving residence permits. The authorities have sent out a letter to these people warning them that the revocation procedure has been initiated, but enables them to dispute the decision by providing appropriate evidence.

A fresh study by Praxis about student life indicates that the student body in Estonia is much more varied than thought, and it is hard to find a ‘typical’ student in Estsonia, reports National Broadcasting. For example, every 5th student is older than 30. A dorm is not the main home of students – the majority of students live together with a partner and/or children. Half of Estonian students work as well as study. “A very varied student body indicates that in designing policies, the situation among students has to be taken into account. For example, support measures for students apparently cannot be of just one type, but should take into consideration needs of different types of students,” said Laura Kirs, who headed the poll.

An adult Estonian resident plans to spend an average of 165 euros on Christmas presents this year, reports Postimees Online, citing a study by Danske Bank Group. Two thirds of people intend to spend less than last year, due to the situation in economy. Danske Bank Group member Sampo Pank’s personal and retail banking director Tonu Vanajuur said that the majority of Estonian inhabitants don’t plan their Christmas spending in advance and generally spend more than they intended to. Fifty-three percent of adult Estonians never save up money for celebrating Christmas and just 7 percent always do it. 79 percent of people say that they spend more during Christmas than they intended to. Estonians intend to spend most on children’s gifts.