Japan eyes Latvian ports

  • 2011-11-09
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Japanese businesses are interested in utilizing Latvia’s port and rail infrastructure to send shipments of parts and materials to Japanese auto plants operating in the region, Japanese Ambassador to Latvia Takashi Osanai said during a meeting on Nov. 3 with Transport Minister Aivis Ronis, reports LETA. The Transport Ministry said that the main topic discussed was the use of Latvia’s transit corridor in sending parts and materials to the Mitsubishi plant in Kaluga (Russia).

Mitsubishi wishes to increase the plant’s production volume, and it is looking for ways to expand its shipping routes. During the meeting, Ronis acquainted the ambassador with the new government’s future vision in the transport sphere - aviation, navigation, infrastructure and telecommunications. At the same time, the minister also pointed out the advantages of Latvia’s transport corridor in international cargo logistics, emphasizing the commitment to continue to improve and upgrade current port and rail infrastructure, as well as gradual integration into the European infrastructure system.

The Transport Ministry reported that Japanese businesses like the “confidence” Latvia has of the advantages of its transport corridor, and if some long-term agreements are made, Latvia would be prepared to look for the best ways to ensure the necessary equipment and transport of Japanese cargo shipments.

Latvia also has substantial aviation traffic through Riga International Airport, which has developed as one of the most important regional hubs in Northern Europe. With cooperation between Japanese and Latvian airlines, the airport could become a bridge between Japan and the main destinations in the region, the Transport Ministry emphasizes.