Cameron invites Estonian entrepreneuers

  • 2011-09-28
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the time has come for Estonian businessmen to invest in the UK, reports BBN. “You might know us best for our castles and cathedrals, our history and our heritage - and yes, as we saw with the Royal Wedding earlier this year, tradition is alive and well in Britain. But that’s just one side of the British story. Today we’re a country that is modern, creative, one of the very best places in the world to visit, study, work, invest and do business,” Cameron writes.

“So I want to do more than simply invite Estonia’s finest athletes to London next year. I want to extend that invitation to the whole of your country. If you are an entrepreneur or investor, it’s a chance to discover new opportunities in a country which is rolling out the red carpet for people like you,” Cameron continues.

The British PM emphasized that Great Britain aims to create a more and more business-friendly environment. “We’re cutting corporation tax to the lowest rate in the G7, we’ve increased tax incentives to favor of start-ups and high-growth companies, and we’ve brought in a new visa especially for entrepreneurs, to attract the best to our shores. Little wonder that a new company starts up every 100 seconds in the UK. And we shall have something special to offer Estonian business people before and during the [Olympic] Games,” he pointed out.

The British Business Embassy in London will be home to the UK’s international business activity during the Games. It will be where international firms can tap into UK expertise, source UK products and services and seek partnership opportunities.
The audience - tourists and all interested - have been invited by the UK prime minister to take a fresh look at the country and find something new. “The British may be known for our reticence and reserve, but in 2012 we have plenty to celebrate, shout about, and be proud of. (...) We look forward to seeing you soon,” he concluded.