Helping others

  • 2011-08-31
  • Malin Svensson Sweden

Dear TBT,
I am addressing the person who wrote the article (“Africans top illegal…” TBT 762); I am deeply upset about it. 
When I read the article, I thought that this cannot be true. How can this writer combine the theme of what happened to Norway to the immigration question? Of course, they are related in one way, because Anders Behring Breivik was against what he calls the Islamization of Europe.

This is what makes me upset. “Working to get their own houses in order.” I think the journalist cannot understand what people are fleeing from in these countries. I have a friend who comes from Iraq. When I speak about my everyday problems, he sometimes speaks about things he has seen from the war. You cannot understand what these people have gone through. It sounds like the journalist does not have any idea of what he/she is speaking about. “Bring their problems to European shores.”

Yes, people sometimes do not have a choice than to flee their countries. Why Europe should feel obliged to take immigrants (not migrants) is because we are all humans. And we need to help each other. It is as simple as that. 


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