Lietuva in brief - 2011-08-18

  • 2011-08-17

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite met with members of the World Lithuanian Youth Community, from Belgium, Sweden, England, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, Poland, France, Australia, Russia and other countries, congratulating them on the occasion of the International Youth Day, reports ELTA. The president underscored that young people deserved particular attention. According to Grybauskaite, they “not only pass our language, traditions and culture over to future generations but also contribute to building a future for our country and nation. Lithuania needs energetic young brains, active, pro-active, creative and responsible young people. Your knowledge and experience acquired abroad can greatly benefit our state. I am happy you try to maintain your ties with your homeland.” The president also underlined the importance of regular contacts for maintaining and strengthening their links with Lithuania. She urged the visiting members of the World Lithuanian Community to look for new, innovative and attractive ways to strengthen their Lithuanian identity, to form and join into communities and to keep contacts with Lithuanians all over the world. The president said it was very important that young people could visit Lithuania, study here and improve their command of the native language. Last year, on the occasion of the International Youth Day, Grybauskaite visited the International Baltic scout camp “Baltic Jamboree - Amberway 2010” in the vicinity of Telsiai.

Police have detained four Lithuanians who on Aug. 11 blinded aircraft pilots with a bright green laser light during landing at Vilnius International Airport, reports ELTA. Vilnius police received a report that six young men were using lasers in Druja Street at about 10:38 p.m. Officers went to the site and detained four heavily drunk offenders aged from 21 to 22.  Two men managed to escape. Last week, three cases of laser attacks on planes attempting to land were reported in Vilnius.