Usakovs hospitalized at Riga marathon

  • 2011-05-23
  • TBT Staff

RIGA -- Riga city mayor Nils Usakovs has been hospitalized after taking part in the Nordea city marathon over the weekend.

Usakovs had been attempting to take part in the half marathon event when he was forced to withdraw and sent to the hospital with signs of hyperthermia.

"Yesterday, May 22, after participating in the marathon, the Riga City Council President was suffering from hyperthermia and is currently in the intensive care unit under medical supervision," a municipal press release said.

As of Monday afternoon he was still unconscious but in stable condition.

Riga press spokesmen said that it was too soon to tell if there would be long term health effects due to the incident and that the vice-mayor would fill in for Usakovs until he could return to work.

Usakovs, a member of "Harmony Center", has been Riga city mayor since 2009.