Baltics disappoint at Eurovision

  • 2011-05-16
  • TBT Staff

Azerbaijan took the top prize at this year's eurovision event.

DUSSELDORF -- Represtentatives of the Baltic states had posted disappointing results at this year's eurovision contest in Germany.

Lithuania came in the highest place of the three countries, though still only in 19th place. Estonia got the second to worst result in the final, ranking 24th, while Latvia failed to even move beyond the qualifying round.

The results come as something of a surprise after Estonia and to a lesser extent Lithuania were pegged as strong contenders in this year's competition.

Azerbaijan's Ell/Nikkitook the top prize in Saturday's contest with their song "Running Scared", pulling far ahead of runner's up Italy and third place Sweden.

"We want to bring Europe together with our song", said Eldar, one of the Azeri singers who took the prize. 

Estonia was represented this year by Getter Jaaniwith the song Rockefeller Stree, Lithuania by Evelina Sašenko with C'est Ma Vieand Latvia by Musiqq with Angel in Disguise.