Three-ply roll wins poll

  • 2011-05-11
  • From wire reports

VILNIUS - The international market information, research, analysis and media research company Nielsen has announced the best new launch products of 2010 in the fast moving consumer goods sector, reports news agency LETA. Hygienic toilet paper Grite Family 8, manufactured by Lithuania-based wood processing and paper production company Grigiskes, was named as the most successful new product of 2010 in the paper products group in Estonia.
In assessing the most successful new products, Nielsen conducted online surveys of users on the products they are most likely to buy and use frequently; the average monthly sales data of new products delivered to the market in 2010 market were then analyzed.

Natural white color extra soft three-ply toilet paper Grite Family, produced from sorted recycled fiber in four rolls per package, appeared on the market in August 2008. A larger package of Grite Family 8 rolls was launched in June 2009.
Grite Family products are manufactured at Grigiskes by a fully-automated production line. These paper products are made from sorted recycled fiber with a unique, no analogue, twig-shaped embossing press. These, as well as the other products, are being constantly developed and improved with the assistance of a quality management system conforming to LST EN ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

“We are proud of receiving the Best New Launch Estonia 2010 award. We are pleased that the production of Grigiskes was evaluated by consumers in Estonia and other countries,” said a pleased Grigiskes Director General Gintautas Pangonis.
The demand of Family Grite products has grown dramatically in recent years: in 2010 sales of the products of this group increased by 86 percent compared to 2009. Separately in the Baltic countries, sales of Grite Family products increased by 60 percent in 2010 compared to 2009. On the production side of the company, Grigiskes completed an investment project on the modernization of the heating sector through the greater use of renewable energy resources, the company reported to the Vilnius Stock Exchange.

The company successfully built, and has started the operation of, a wood-fuel steam boiler providing 17.5 MWh of power.
For the implementation of the project, the company spent 17.6 million litas (5.1 million euros). The Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the Lithuanian government budget devoted a supporting grant of 8.8 million litas for the project.
The new wood-fuel steam boiler was produced by Swedish firm Jarnforsen Energi System. Upon the start of its implementation, the hardboard business of Grigiskes, as the greatest consumer of heat energy (steam) at the company, became fully independent from the fluctuating prices of imported natural gas from Russia.