Company briefs - 2011-03-10

  • 2011-03-09

Last year, 55.1 million lats’ (78.7 million euros) worth of wood furniture was exported from Latvia, according to the Agriculture Ministry’s Forests Department data, reports The value of furniture exports has increased 0.1 percent, compared to 2009. Local manufacturers produced 73.5 million lats’ worth of furniture, 75 percent of which was sold abroad, furniture association Latvijas Mebeles Executive Director Andris Plezers said. Latvia’s main furniture export partners last year were Germany with 24.4 percent (13.4 million lats’ worth of furniture) of the total export, Great Britain with 10.7 percent (5.8 million lats), and Denmark with 7.9 percent (4.3 million lats).

Estonian shipping company Tallink Grupp says that in the second quarter of its 2010/2011 financial year (December-February), Tallink Grupp transported 1,999,313 passengers, which is more than a 23 percent increase compared to the previous year, reports LETA. The number of passenger vehicles increased by almost 20 percent, to 207,042 and the number of trucks and trailers increased by nearly 19 percent, to 64,407 units in the same comparison. In February 2011, Tallink Grupp transported 650,072 passengers, which is almost an 18 percent increase compared to February 2010.