Health as an enterprise

  • 2011-01-27

When born, everyone gets start-up capital. It is health and time. Of course, everyone gets their own amount. And we utilize these capabilities in different ways. It is believed that most people are spendthrifts and wasters.
It often happens that more or less healthy people live as if the resources of their bodies are limitless. And time too. Many live as if they will never die.

Maybe we should ask ourselves: “How good is our health now? And what can be done to improve and strengthen it here and now?”
Each of us is the sole owner of our enterprise. We each have our own fair amount of health. Instead of mindlessly wasting time and testing the strength of our health, we must realize that our resources are limited, and it is time to start investing time, effort and work into our personal business.

The amount and quality of investments are directly dependent on how much health is now left on your balance sheet. If you have recklessly squandered it – be so kind to pay the costs.
Of course, we can ignore it. Nature is generous. And thrifty. But if you want to look like you are thirty at the age of forty, to be involved in life at the age of sixty and have a clear memory and a well moving body at the age of seventy - you have to work hard for it.

Where to start? Well, it’s like repairs. Depends on what result you are interested in. If you simply want to “paint the facade”, then you can do without any major efforts. And if you really want your body (read: your home) to be comfortable and cozy, then this is a slightly different conversation, up until the change of lifestyle.

Typically, in our efforts we focus on maintaining the “facade”. Probably because every day society reminds and shows us with all the gloss, advertising and other visual aids that success is a synonym for youth, slenderness, and smoothness of one`s appearance. Nobody is interested in what you have on your mind, what is the quality of your inner life, how are you feeling day by day. Oh, and gradually you get used to the fact that the main thing is your “facade”. And the attitude of others to your appearance slowly begins to determine your attitude towards yourself.

The amount of kilograms and all kinds of wrinkles, lines, cracks becomes more important to you than the quality of your wellbeing. The quality of your attitude towards yourself. Yes we are accustomed to measuring the quality of our life in square meters of housing, wages and cars.

Maybe it’s time to realize that, in addition to all of these quantitative and really important and necessary characteristics, there are other, qualitative, determining your life. Health, for example. The way you feel. Deep personal self-esteem.
And if you start investing in these internal “behind the facade” values, the quantitative indicators - for example, the same notorious kilograms will also gradually come to the desired norm. Overeating, for example, in 8 cases out of 10 has very deep roots. And “fighting” for the ideal (again, according to the “gloss”) weight with all sorts of super-diets and pills means forcing your body, which is already forced by all kinds of bans and severe restrictions on the inner psyche, which thank God, still has the energy and strength to resist. And afterwards you usually shake off these shackles and restrictions by a food spree and other “riots”...

Of course, internal work is always long. Always expensive in terms of investment of work, time and effort. But if you’re really an adult and understand that when running a company, you first need to invest, then invest some more and only then you will get results. Which must be constantly maintained, so that they bring you income.

10 ways to keep youth and health

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is mandatory. Any man who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes per day and consumes alcohol in uncontrolled amounts or who has any other bad habits, in the opinion of any physician is a kamikaze. But, often, even people who do not have such pronounced flaws, mindlessly waste their starting capital. So where do I start investing in my enterprise? The answer to this question has been found by an international group of physicians, psychologists and nutritionists. They developed the “Ten Commandments”, following which our earthly existence can be extended and made more enjoyable.

1st Commandment: Do not overeat!
Instead of the usual 2500 calories per day settle for just 1500. Thus, you will support the activity of cells in the body. Cells are rapidly renewed, the organism becomes less susceptible to disease. Slim figure - the path to health!

2nd Commandment: the menu should match your age.
For example, for women aged 30+, the first wrinkles will appear later if they regularly eat liver and nuts. Beta-carotene is useful for people older than forty. After the age of 50, calcium protects the bones from osteoporosis, and magnesium protects the heart from heart attacks. Men over forty need selenium, which reduces the impact of harmful effects of stress on the body. A nutritionist will certainly give the best advice on what products and at what age one should consume, so do not spare time for regular checkups and visits to the doctor.

3rd Commandment: Work is an important element of a healthy lifestyle.
Try to find a suitable job for yourself. “Suitable” means such a job at the thought of which you are not experiencing negative emotions and stress. Your job must be appealing to you and must promote personal development. Some professions, according to sociologists, help preserve youth. These include, for example, such professions as: conductor, philosopher, artist and priest.

4th commandment: find a mate.
Love and tenderness are the best antidote to aging. When a person is in love, the body produces the hormone endorphin, which is also called “the hormone of happiness.” It also strengthens the immune system.

5th commandment: have your own point of view.
A person who lives consciously is better protected from depression than those who live just passively drifting.

6th commandment: move
Even an eight-minute physical training or workout in the afternoon can prolong your life. In the process of movement growth hormones are released, the production of which is particularly reduced after the age of 30.

7th Commandment: Sleep in a cool room.
A proven fact: those who sleep at a temperature of 17-18 degrees Celsius stay young longer. The reason is that the body’s metabolism and the manifestation of age peculiarities also depend on the ambient temperature.

8th Commandment: From time to time, treat yourself.
Sometimes, despite all the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle allow yourself a tasty morsel. Buy yourself some small (or not so small) gifts. Take time to relax.

The 9th commandment: Do not suppress your emotions.
Someone who constantly upbraids himself is more susceptible to any disease, including malignant tumors. Tell people that you are upset, argue, and share your thoughts with others.

The 10th Commandment: Train your brain.
Strengthen your memory. From time to time solve crossword puzzles, play group games that require mental activity, learn foreign languages. Calculate in your mind, not just with a calculator.
The returns from the investments of your attention, effort, time and other tangible and intangible assets in health are gradual but very strong in terms of changes in quality of life. Both internal and external.

If you are self-confident, if your body is quite healthy and your soul smiles, then everything is going to be alright.