Company briefs - 2011-01-27

  • 2011-01-27

Estonian radio journalist Nikolai Meinert became the head of the News Media Group-owned Latvian media group Telegraf on Jan. 20, reports Eesti Paevaleht Online. Meinert said that managing a media group consisting of a newspaper, portal and additional projects is a new challenge for him since so far he has been an editor in magazines and in radio. According to Meinert, his main task is to increase the competitiveness of the publications. Meinert has worked as editor in Radio 100 Tallinn, Yleisradio Radio Finland Russian Service, the magazine Novye Rubezi. He does commentator work for Estonia’s Russian-language radio shows, BBC Russian Radio and radio Free Europe.

A leading Scottish design and brand management company will establish an office in Riga to develop its business activities in the Baltic States, reports Herald Scotland. The company, 999 Design, will focus on Baltic companies seeking to customize products and develop brand strategies to suit the UK market. Richard Bissland, director of the company, said “The Baltic States are far more sophisticated than they get credit for. Their IT infrastructure is the fourth-best in Europe. A number of companies there want to bring their products to the UK market, in fields as diverse as food, beverages, fashion and jewelry.” “We can work with the Baltic companies on building brands and emphasizing their provenance, making these products fit for the UK consumer,” said Bissland.