Video streaming launch nears

  • 2011-01-27
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - Estonian entrepreneur Valentin Ivanov will launch his service Yaika in the spring that will allow users to livecast HD video to computers, notebooks and smartphones, reports Testmarket. One aspect of the Yaika 2 HD video streaming service that Ivanov emphasizes most is that the simultaneous number of viewers can be over 10,000. Video will be streamed at a higher capacity for computers, and at a lower rate in the case of telephones.

Ivanov demonstrated the new service this past December at the company’s new headquarters in Ulemiste City. The entrepreneur says that Yaika 2 is being aimed at organizers of conferences, seminars, workshops and concerts. The service allows events to be carried out and transmitted at a significantly lower cost.

“Organizing a conference for thousands of people online is much cheaper than renting rooms, sending out invitations, paying for security, catering and everything else. At the same time, the quality is just as good,” says Ivanov.
The process of conference organization at Yaika is very simple. According to Ivanov, the idea of the service has been making the rounds for years. But first testing had to be conducted on how people actually use videos on the Web. Back in 2008, Ivanov launched the social network Yaika, which is similar to or

Yaika has close to 7,000 users, most of them in Latin America. Yaika 2 is a part of Ivanov’s Winning Technology Group - WTG9 - where the number nine stands for the entrepreneur’s personal lucky number.
The same group includes a group of other companies, including the digital private archival service provider Eesti Arhivaar, the consultancy WinTech, the Information Technology Law and Expert Office.