Company briefs - 2011-01-13

  • 2011-01-13

Tallinn Airport last year registered a total of 11,960 tons of cargo and mail handled, which is 43 percent less, year-on-year, than the previous year, reports LETA. The shortfall of ex-China exports in transit to Russia had a disastrous impact on the cargo volumes in 2010. On the positive side, export volumes through the airport grew steadily over the year and ended at 1,694 tons, up 29.8 percent, year-on-year. Cargo imports, which are mainly the ex-China transfer shipments, were down 50.5 percent to 9,279 tons in 2010. December was no exception, with a total of 939 tons of cargo and mail, down 45 percent, and again dragged down by a 53.7 percent decline in imports, at 690 tons.

The Estonian Land Board last year sold land for nearly 506.3 million kroons (32.3 million euros), selling 1,953 parcels with total area of 18,476 hectares, reports LETA. During the year, 2,343 land parcels were put on sale with the total area of 18,031 hectares and for the initial price of 628 million kroons. Offers were made for 1,471 parcels for 385.6 million kroons. Therefore, 63 percent of the land on sale found a buyer and the financial goals were 61 percent fulfilled. The number of land parcels sold last year reflects also contracts that were concluded at the beginning of 2010 on the basis of auctions that took place in 2009.