Kubilius pledges deeper cooperation on Israel visit

  • 2010-12-27
  • TBT Staff

Kubilius is currently on an official visit to Israel.

JERUSALEM - On a recent official visit to Israel, Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has met with Israeli leaders and pledged deeper cooperation between the two countries.

Israrli President Shimon Peres, a Litvak born in the Lithuanian-Belarussian border town of Ašmena, said stressed the importance of historical ties between the two countries. 

"Lithuania is important for our country's history. Vilnius with its warm Jewish community is very important for our nation," he siad.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamine Netanyahu, meanwhile, also noted that as relatively small countries, Israel and Lithuania share many of the same challenges on the world stage.

"We're very small countries destined to hard fight for their historical presence. We are united not only by our long common history, but also by the size," he said.

Kubilius took to the theme, saying that Lithuania hoped it would be able to follow in the footsteps of Israel's success.

“Lithuania and Israel are young, dynamic, and energetic countries with a significant untapped potential. Israel is known worldwide as a "Start-Up Nation", a giant of an innovative, dynamic economy. We would like to become a "Start-Up Nation No.2. And we will make sure it happens. I am convinced that by pooling our efforts, ideas and creativity, we can do a lot of good for the friendship, prosperity and wellbeing of our two States.”