VID unveils second major cocaine bust this year

  • 2010-12-23
  • TBT Staff

It was the second largest bust in Latvian history, second only to another massive cocaine shipment discovered earlier this year.

RIGA - Latvia's state revenue service has announced the discovery of the year's second massive cocaine bust.

The shipment contained more than 80 kilograms of cocaine, making it the second largest bust in Latvian history after a 200 kilgram shipment that was discovered in April this year.

The cocaine in the most recent bust was wrapped into 70 plastic bricks and has an estimated street value of 4 millions lats. It was found in a shipment at the Freeport of Riga that was destined to go on to Uzbekestan.

The bust was made earlier this month during an inspection carried out by the State Police's Organized Crime Department and foreign colleagues, national news agency LETA reported.

A criminal process has been started, but police are not currently releasing details about people detained in connection to the shipment.