Culture Ministry gutted of top officials

  • 2010-11-17
  • TBT Staff

The culture minister may face a vote of no-confidence after losing a number of top officials.

TALLINN - Estonia's culture ministry has seen a slew of it's senior officials leave the ministry in the past week, prompting opposition parties to threaten a vote of no-confidence in the minister.

The Centre Party and the Social Democrats met Wednesday to determine whether they will support a Green Party motion to hold a vote of no-confidence in Culture Minister Laine Janes.

Janes has received harsh criticism for her decision to fire National Symphony Orchestra director Andres Siitan earlier this week.

Moreover, Karin Hallas-Murula, founder and director of the Museum of Estonian Architecture, is slated to lose her job.

Next month Tanel Matlik, director of Integration and Migration Foundation Our People, will also step down. Eesti Päevaleht quoted several sources saying Janes drove him out through incessant financial inspections.

"We try to be very thorough in all money matters, but I really do not know whether this led to... a letter of resignation," Janes was quotedas saying by err uudised news agency.