Constitutional Court rules against errant MPs

  • 2010-10-28
  • TBT Staff

Linas Karalius skirted his duties in parliament in order to extend a vacation in Thailand. (photo: Seimas)

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Constitutional Court has found two parliamentarians to be in gross violation of the constitution.

Linas Karalius, 36, had skipped a number of parliamentary sessions in favor of extending his vacation in Thailand. Fellow MP Aleksandr Sacharuk then used Karalius' MP card to cover for his absence by voting in his stead. They were found guilty of violating article 59 of the constitution, which states that they must uphold their oaths as MPs.

The story came to light when the vagrant parliamentarian posted some racy pictures - including ones of himself posing with scantily-clad Thai women - on his blog.

Parliament will now vote on whether to expel the two from their positions. However, parliamentary speaker Irena DegutienÄ— said she hoped the vote would not be necessary as the two had promised to resign if found guilty by the Constitutional Court.

"If Mr Karalius and Mr Sacharuk withdraw themselves, the procedure is very simple. Then, as soon as we receive the resignation... we can withdraw their mandates," she was quoted as saying by news portal.