Embassy inquires into postal problems

  • 2000-10-05
RIGA (BNS) - British Embassy in Riga has requested information concerning delays and thefts from mail deliveries from the United Kingdom.

The director of the Latvian mail company, Latvijas Pasts, Aivars Droiskis said that the information about looting of packages had been provided to Royal Mail international relations director Tim Walsh in person during a recent meeting in Brussels.

The Royal Mail representative extended apologies to Latvijas Pasts and promised to contribute to efforts aimed at solving the problem.

According to a report prepared by Latvijas Pasts about the performance of Royal Mail in 1999, 1,557 packages were misdelivered last year and 121 pieces of registered mail were lost in the United Kingdom.

This year the situation seems to be much the same, Droiskis said. He hoped that by joining forces some improvement could be made, because the current situation was unacceptable for customers of both Latvijas Pasts and Royal Mail.