Parliament considers banning junk food ads

  • 2010-08-24
  • TBT Staff

Candy advertisements on children's programs would be banned under the draft law.

TALLINN - A new law on the table in Estonia would ban the advertizing of candy, soft drinks, potato chips and other junk food from television in a bid to improve the health of the population.

The new law, which would replace the current Broadcasting Act, would be aimed at children's television programs, Postimees reported. Exactly which foods are banned would be determined by doctors and nutrition specialists.

The law was drafted by the Culture Ministry in an effort to cut down on childhood obesity.

According to the draft law, television stations would be in charge of self-regulation when it comes to junk food advertisements. The ministry would only be required to enforce the law if there is a significant level on non-compliance after one year.

The draft law would also require TV stations to increase the amount of content available for the visually or hearing impaired.

In 2006, fellow Baltic-state Latvia became the first EU country to ban the sale of soft drinks, candy bars, potato chips and chewing gum in schools and kindergartens.