Lietuva in brief - 2010-08-05

  • 2010-08-04

On July 29, in Vilnius, a special working group discussed guidelines for the creation of the Litvak Heritage Forum (LHF). The group was established by the decision of Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, reports ELTA. “The distinctive Litvak legacy was created over the centuries and it constitutes an integral part of Lithuania’s history and culture,” said Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Sarunas Adomavicius during the meeting. Litvak Jews, who lived in Lithuania and also in the large region of Eastern and Central Europe, suffered terrible losses during the Holocaust, wars and occupations. According to the vice-minister, the treasures of culture, art and science that were created by Litvaks are priceless for Lithuania and all mankind, therefore we share an important moral obligation to foster this heritage.

A small liquefied gas terminal, such as the one in the Italian town of Panigaglia, could meet Lithuania’s need for natural gas, reports ELTA. The capacity of this terminal is 3.5 billion cubic meters – enough gas for one year for Lithuania. “Panigaglia liquefied gas terminal confirms that Lithuania will quickly and effectively solve the problem of alternative gas supplies. The terminal occupies little space, its technology is simple and secure. The territory of the terminal is smaller than that occupied by Klaipedos nafta, which employs 60 people. Lithuania could complete such a project,” said Lithuanian Energy Minister Arvydas Sekmokas who visited the Panigaglia terminal. Lithuania decided to build a gas terminal on July 21. The government adopted a decree under which it commissioned Klaipedos nafta to initiate all actions necessary for the speedy and efficient implementation of the liquefied gas terminal project.