Fashion trends in 2010

  • 2010-05-27

Sunglasses are a necessary accessory in a hot summer. Proper sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful radiation, and skin from premature aging. They provide protection, support your image, emphasizing the qualities and correcting the shortcomings of your face. The most important thing here is to pick the right ones.
Rule of the season - to be bright, but restrained. This trend is manifested in the abundance of contrast between matte and shiny, metallic luster and elegant finish frame.

Basic colors: black, white, brown and their shades, tortoise-shell color. More and more popular are the colors that imitate animal skin or snake skin. There are also colorful mixes of models in fashionable collections – for Emilio Pucci it is yellow and silver, in the FENDI brand the leading are the shades of cyan, purple, lilac color.
Speaking of form, we can safely say that the exaggerated large forms that cover half the face take the first place of honor among other glasses. The hit models of ’50s-’60s are in fashion again.

The ’60s style thicker frames have been popular for a few years already, but you have to be very careful when choosing exactly which retro-inspired glasses are appropriate for you. The problem is that you can choose a chic pair of retro sunglasses that you think are just the style, but end up buying a cheap knock-off, a design from a time period that isn’t popular right now, or even a pair that is completely out of fashion that will make you to be laughed at every time you wear it.

Tortoise shell glasses are still trendy this year. They will probably go out of style soon, but this year they are with us. They have become classic already and can be worn with just everything! A good investment!
The gradient lens sunglasses are one of the latest trends in sunglasses. These sunglasses have a peculiarity not in the frame but in lenses. Having them half shaded from top to bottom you’ll immediately make your image modern and stylish.

The round “John Lennon” style has only made a huge comeback for women, so guys, you have to stay away from it. They look unusual and attract lots of attention, so, if you feel all right about being the focus of attention this style is just for you.
Rimless Aviators continue to be the staple pieces in fashionable eyewear and give us a sleek and modern look, besides, a wrap around style adds a suave flair. This is a decidedly sporty look, rather than a glamorous one.
Oversized sunglasses are the hottest trend for spring-summer time this year. Many designers have opted for this style in their collections and I think it looks fantastic! Massive jewelry, huge bags and at last oversized sunglasses – why do people prefer big-sized accessories

White-framed sunglasses are hot for Spring/Summer 2010 and are very retro and very cool. This is a frame color and a style that returns us back to the 1960s. I like the style and consider it perfect for the casual look.
Glitzy oversized-frames are a great contrast to the almost-not-there frames we were so fond of some time ago. It surely draws much attention and you must be ready for that if you choose them.
Big frames in a rainbow of colors, with rhinestones and gem type detailing create a very rich look of yours as soon as you put them on.

Unusual-design sunglasses are the ones which have a detail or some details that make the sunglasses look different from the other common styles.
The details allowing us to put the pair of sunglasses into this group include: patterns on the lenses, unusual shape of the frame, additional items attached to the frame, hanging pieces and others.

There is one more style that looks interesting and unusual – sunglasses with the frame that goes above the lenses but is absent under them. Probably it looks a bit too sharp and crude but still rather attractive.
Well, now you know what is hot for this season and it’s up to you to choose, but it is very important to mention once again that the main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from ultra-violet rays and to be comfortable for the individual, only after that do style and fashion come into the equation.