Not so harmless snore

  • 2010-04-15

The fact is that if a person snores during his sleep, it means that the inhaled air passes through with difficulties. The appearance of intermittent snoring, with loud snores after a temporary lull, means that there are periods of time when breathing stops completely. During such moments the work of the vital organs and systems is disturbed significantly.
What are the causes of snoring? Experts believe that there are several of them.

* The shortness of nasal breathing, which is caused by narrowness of the nasal passages due to a nasal septum deviation, by the presence of polyps in the nasal cavity, and by the proliferation of nasal turbinate.
* Obstacles in the level of the pharynx, the most significant of which is swelling of the tonsils, enlargement and bulging of the velum, lengthening of the palatal tongue, massive root of the tongue.
* Different degrees of obesity (Preparations for the normalization of body weight)
* Reduction of muscle tone during sleep, particularly when taking sleeping pills, alcohol 2-3 hours before sleep, lack of sleep, expressed physical tiredness and a number of other reasons.
* Decrease of thyroid and pituitary function.

Is snoring bad for health?

When snoring, the air is forced to pass through some obstacles on its way to the lungs in the form of blocked respiratory tracts, which makes the ventilation of the lungs difficult and creates a shortage of oxygen in the blood. The body tissues, especially the brain and heart, suffer from oxygen deficiency. Therefore, the “snorers” are subjected to pretty nasty diseases and states.

First of all, it is inefficiency of  night sleep (cannot have a good sleep), and therefore the deterioration of well-being during the day and decreased capacity for work, memory, attention, reaction; decrease of sexual function, increase of blood pressure, heart diseases and overload, and above all - cardiac rhythm disturbance and the so-called “pulmonary heart”.
What to do if a person snores? Many do not know that snoring can and should be treated. For starters, you can use the following tips:

* Three or four hours before bedtime drip a few drops of sea buckthorn oil into the nose. The course should not be shorter than three weeks.
* Carefully pound cabbage and mix this gruel with honey. The final mixture should be consumed before bedtime. The course is at least a month.
* Do this exercise for one month, twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, Strain your lower jaw as if you pronounce the letter “i” and retain in that position for a moment, then, relax. The exercise should be repeated until your jaw gets tired.

If you still snore, contact your ENT doctor. The doctor will determine the cause of snoring and prescribe a treatment course.


This is interesting

American scientists have developed a unique device to fight snoring. A scientist at Johns Hopkins University invented a chip, which is sewn under the skin and it completely relieves a person from the disease.
The chip contains an element of power supply similar to those used in pacemakers. The chip stimulates the muscles of the throat, which expands the airways and reduces the frequency of snoring by half. After training the muscles in this way for some time the patient is completely relieved from unpleasant throaty sounds.

The chip sends electrical signals to the trigeminal nerve, which controls the contractions of the soft palate. Once a person snores, the muscles begin to contract, increasing the respiratory tract - and snoring is as good as gone. The service life of such devices is 10 years.