Dombrovskis government reflects on first year in office

  • 2010-03-12
  • Oskars Magone

One his one-year anniversary in office, the prime minister said the government had already acheived most of its goals and would survive until the elections.

RIGA - On March 12, Latvia's incumbent Valdis Dombrovskis-led government reached its one year anniversary, prompting a flurry of reflection on what has been accomplished and speculation about the future.

Dombrovskis himself said he expects the government to survive until the elections later this year. He said the most difficult times his government faced were already behind and that the Cabinet had already acheived its highest-priority goals. 

"The Government has accomplished its most important tasks – prevented insolvency of the country, overcame the most critical point of economic crisis, and stabilized the financial and economic system, which is a necessary basis for further work on increasing the national competitiveness and restoring economic activity," the Prime Minister said in a press release.

"This difficult task was achieved without very serious social tensions, although not without serious decisions in the social sector," he said.

He called on the standing government -- and any future government that might take hold after elections -- to follow through with reforms that were begun under his administration.

"Now, when the first signs of economic stabilization emerge but the economic crisis is still far from being overcome, it is important to proceed with reforms that were started and ensure an open, intensive communication with the public by explaining and justifying the meaning and essence of any major government decision," the prime minister said.