The sounds of music

  • 2010-02-24
  • By Ludmila Nikitina

KEYBOARD MAESTRO: Pianist Denis Matsuev brings his world-class playing to Riga.

RIGA - Looking at an abundance of attractive signs for nightclubs in Riga, you start to reflect on the presence of cultural life in Riga. Not everyone loves and visits theaters, concerts and exhibitions, preferring cheerful parties with friends in a restaurant or a nightclub instead. We live on the run and practically do not see behind all of what is fine, pure and kind that surrounds us.
Once, having switched on the TV while searching for something interesting and nonostentatious, I came across the performance of a pianist about which I didn’t know anything. I silently listened to his music, watched his hands, which flitted across the keys, saw his full immersion in the world of music. 

Today, The Baltic Times would like to show its readers this pianist who subdued Russia, and then the entire world.
Denis Matsuev comes to Riga - the masterly pianist and his partners, tremendous musicians of our time. He is a Russian pianist who won first prize in the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1998 in Moscow.
Matsuev is a good friend of world famous orchestras, among which are the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra, Pittsburg Symphonic Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the orchestra of “La Scala” Theater, the National Orchestras of France, European chamber orchestras and many others.

His performances are scheduled for some years ahead, world famous orchestras and conductors clamor for the honor of performing with him. The geography of solo concerts for the pianist is extraordinarily wide, and with an enviable constancy he plays on the stages of the most prestigious concert halls throughout the world. Being the brilliant executor, Matsuev actively proves in his new role as the organizer of the philharmonic business: with continued success he is organizing the festival “Stars on Baikal,” in his native Irkutsk.

Since 2005, Matsuev has been the art director of the musical festival “Crescendo,” held in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Tel Aviv, Paris and Rome. The musician is also the vice-president of the international fund “New Names.”
In February 2006, the pianist was a part of the Advice on Culture and Art Board for the President of the Russian Federation, but in April of the same year he became “The Honored Artist of Russia.”

During the concert Matsuev and his partners will perform with American jazz singer Shenda Rul, the talented and very demanding performer with a magnificent bewitching voice, will perform.
The pure and magnificent voice of Rul takes up the listener with its quality, which is quite rare on today’s music stage. Today, perhaps, there is no musical style in which Rul does not feel like a fish out of water. She also composes music for her native theater.

The concert by Russian pianist Matsuev will be held on March 8 at the Latvian National Opera. An exclusive program, “For the Woman with Love,” will feature well-known classical and jazz music, including music by Ellington, Gershwin, Copland, Stinkhorn, Dunaevsky, Garanyan, Dreznin and many others. Shenda Rul (vocals), Andrey Ivanov (contrabass), Dmitry Sevastyanov (percussion instruments), Arcady Shilkloper (vulturine) are also to perform.