Wanting to break free

  • 2000-08-31
TALLINN (BNS) - Six opposition parties discussed the effects European Union accession would have on Estonia and expressed alarm at the consequences that could be harmful to the people of Estonia.

Participants in the seminar were the Estonian Blue Party, the Estonian Christian People's Party, the Estonian Social-Democratic Party, the Estonian Independence Party, the Russian Party in Estonia and the Russian Unity Party.

The parties support policies forged after Estonian independence, the state's responsibility for the welfare of the population and the state's role in the regulation of market economy, Estonian Blue Party chairman Jaan Laas said.

He said the seminar found that Estonia's geographic position and natural resources lend a development potential and preconditions for independent politics.

Estonia will only manage independently if it implements an economic policy based on her own interests and cuts itself loose from the control of the International Monetary Fund, Laas said.

The parties attending the seminar also expressed their opinion on Estonia's new law on parties, which they claim, contained stipulations that clearly limited democracy, and deemed it necessary to demand restoration of electoral blocks.

The round table condemned the government's steps at squeezing through the sale of 49 percent of shares in Narva Power Plants to the U.S. company NRG Energy, as this would limit Estonia's economic independence.

The six parties decided to continue their cooperation, setting up working groups for the wording of political statements in issues of common interest.