Calm prevails but batsman still on the loose

  • 2009-12-09
  • By Ella Karapetyan

Police are asking for help to find this man.

TALLINN - On Nov. 23, around 8:00 in the morning, an unidentified man approached and attacked two women with a baseball bat in Toompark in the Old Town of Tallinn. The victims were found near the Shnelli Pond and Patkuli Stairs. One of the women was seriously injured in the seemingly random attack. 
Police, who are looking for the attacker, say the suspected criminal is a young man aged 20-25 years, is from 180-185 cm tall, thin with dark hair and a dark tan complexion.

According to the police, the Toompark area is usually a safe place to go, with rare exception.
The police stated that there was no physical contact between the attacker and the women. Later, on Nov. 25, one of the victims, 34-year old Krista Odakivi, died from her injuries while under care at Mustamae Hospital. Odakivi was a meteorologist at the Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. 
The second woman remains in stable condition. The police are asking for help from those who may have seen the attacker, or has any information concerning the case.

On Nov. 24, a woman was attacked by a young man in the Mustamagi neighborhood, but without any serious consequences. Police say that the incident happened in the late evening, around 9:00 p.m. It is still unclear whether the man suspected of the previous day’s attack has any connection with this case.
Based on an analysis of the evidence, police have said there is no reason to believe that the incident which took place in the Mustamagi neighborhood is connected with the attack of the two women at Shnelli Pond in Toompark.
Police have not as yet named any suspects, and no arrests have been made as the unidentified killer remains on the loose more than a week after the attack.

This spate of violence has stoked worries among the community. “I am very worried about this news, I hope that the police will be able to find and arrest the attacker,” said 57-year old Tiina Samsonova. Another local citizen, 64-year old Helena Kaasik, said that “After I heard about this tradegy, I am afraid to go out alone, even in the daytime; let’s hope this will soon be over and the attacker will be punished.”