You're not alone

  • 2009-12-03

Dear TBT:

I would like you to add my response to the letter printed last week from Mr. & Mrs. R. Barrow (TBT 681): To point out the obvious to Mr. & Mrs. R. Barrow - You Are Not Alone.

My son lives with me in Latvia by court decree. But I am not allowed to take my son across the border without a Power of Attorney from my son’s mother. His mother can take him across the border because she is a Latvian citizen, but Latvian law discriminates against non-Latvians with this restriction. For example, driving from Liepaja to Klaipeda to do some weekend shopping with my wife and other kids, as a complete family, is not possible. My son’s mother has the right to take my son to other countries even though she may not see him for over a month and does not contribute financially to his wellbeing. So, if Mr. & Mrs. R. Barrow can recommend a good lawyer for a Constitutional Court and EU court application then please let me know.

Dean Strautins


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