Paulauskas calls for people to protest

  • 2009-12-02
  • From wire reports

VILNIUS - Leader of the New Union Arturas Paulauskas has initiated calls for a protest rally against cutbacks in pensions and, as he says, the impoverishment of the nation, to be held near the Seimas next week, reports news agency ELTA. “I invite everyone - pensioners, the disabled, the unemployed, everybody condemned by the present-day authorities to poverty, to arrive to a protest rally ‘Against the reduction of pensions and impoverishment of the Nation,’ to be held in front of the Seimas on Dec. 8, at noon.”

Paulauskas warns that the parliament must listen to the people. He says that “we are able to stop the shameful decision-making by appealing to the conscience of MPs, and asking the president not to sign the SoDra budget law.” He also addressed all MPs, urging them to attend the rally and not to vote for “shameful decisions.”
According to Paulauskas, the incumbent government and the majority of the Seimas are harming the most vulnerable people and, at the same time, flatter large businesses and the banks.

He crows about where is the “promised assistance to small businesses, the promotion of new jobs, the glorified renovation of blocks of flats? Silence. There is total helplessness, lack of competence and love for their nationals. Moreover, the bulldozer controlled by the Conservatives, which pushes people to absolute poverty, is on the edge of the abyss itself.”
Warning that the ruling coalition should falter, Paulauskas says “The political Titanic, built by the Conservatives is collapsing. The first white flag against unwillingness to hear the nation’s voice was raised by an ‘insider,’ Arturas Zuokas. Who will be next? Can such an indifferent government and such a Seimas serve the people without hearing and seeing them?”

The populist says that people’s patience is wearing thin in this crisis, and cautions that “Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius must remember that the patience has its limits… It is high time to recover not only the right to elect but also to dissolve the Seimas when it does not hear its electors and fails to find the best solutions. The principle of responsibility must be valid to MPs as well.”