Revolution on wheels

  • 2009-11-27

Dear TBT,

Please be informed that on November 30 in Riga, Latvia there will be an act of protest of motorcyclists because our government wants to increase the road use tax, from 3 lats (4.27 euros) to 50 lats (71.14 euros) per year (because of the weather in Latvia, motorcycles can be used approximately for 6 months in a year), and our government explains this [by saying] motorcycles are an exclusive vehicle (totally absurd because motorcycles take less place on the road - less traffic jams, makes less road damage, are a faster and cheaper way of transport than the car and, mostly, a motorcycle in Latvia costs in the range of 2000 - 3000 euros; it’s not an exclusive transport, and for many motorcyclists this is the only way of transport because of it’s cost).

I know other countries advise their drivers to use motorcycles because of these reasons; they are reducing road use taxes, and even cancel this tax for motorcycles.

An act of protest will be at the Parliament building on Jekaba street 11, in Old Riga at 13:00 (1:00 p.m.). On this day parliament will vote for this law, and if they will establish this law then I have no idea what will happen on December 1, because on December 1 students and labor unions are taking part in their act of protest, and I think motorcyclists will not stand on the side.

I have found on the Internet forums that information about motorcyclist acts of protest have been sent to Lithuanian and Estonian motorcyclist clubs and they are totally supporting Latvian motorcyclists, and I understand they will participate on November 30 as well! The first information about this tax was in the news on November 23 and only a day later motorcyclists arranged a gathering at the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. There were approximately 50 motorcyclists with equipment with 15 motorcycles, and you can imagine how many motorcyclists there will be after a week of planning!
So it would be very nice if you could come to Latvia or inform your colleagues in other countries and companies and broadcast this activity; it will be very great moral support for our motorcyclists and certainly for students and labor unions, and I think for all citizens of Latvia, so anyone in Europe could see what happens in Latvia!

Best regards,
Citizen of Latvia


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