Doctors turn away Russian speakers

  • 2009-11-26
Dear TBT,
A Russian newswire has reported on another case of Russian-speaking patients being refused service [by doctors] in Estonia. The news agency said a doctor refused to treat a patient, named only as Dmitry, who did not speak Estonian.
This marks the second high-profile case of a doctor refusing to treat a patient that did not speak the national language. Earlier this year a doctor was fired for throwing a Russian-speaking patient’s passport in the trash bin.  What in the hell is wrong with with the people in this Baltic state. Is it only fascist people who live here? What if this man needed serious treatment to save his life? Will doctors in Estonia still refuse to treat this man? How do they treat English speaking people??? The same way? To all of you Estonian fascist people. If you come to Norway we will… send you back to your poor miserable country.
It is good to see that the [other] Baltic states show a much better and normal behavior than Estonia. Svein, Riga



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