Baltics see mixed results on corruption index

  • 2009-11-19
  • Oskars Magone

The Baltics have seen mixed results in their battles with corruption.

VILNIUS - The lates corruption index has seen mixed results for the three Baltic States, with an increase of corruption in Latvia and a decrease in Lithuania. Estonia' s position remained the same in the index.

The corruption index is an annual report produced by corruption watchdog Transparency International. The results were released earlier this week.

Lithuania was ranked 52nd in the world with a score of 4.9 - a marked increase over previous years. Lithuania's struggle with corruption in recent years has now brought the country close to the crucial 5 point mark, which indicates that a country is capable of dealing with corruption.

Latvia, meanwhile, saw its ranking dropped to 56th place this year from 52nd last year. The results indicate that the crisis has had a negative effect on the country's battle with corruption.

"This result indicates a serious corruption problem in the country," Laura Mikelsone, director of Delna, said at a news conference earlier this week, dpa reported.

Estonia has managed to retain the same position it held last year, in 27th place worldwide. The result means that Estonia remains the least corrupt country in Eastern Europe.

New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore and Sweden earned the top ratings on the index, while Iraq, Sudan and Burma were some of the worst performers. Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania were the worst-performing European countries on the index.