Lietuva in brief - 2009-11-11

  • 2009-11-11
MP Dangute Mikutiene has requested a detailed analysis on the effects of mobile phones on childrens' health, requesting appropriate legislation and guidelines to be passed on the use of mobile phones by children, reports ELTA. According to provisional data provided by world health organizations, long-term usage of mobile phones may damage health. Many scientific studies emphasize that children are more vulnerable than adults. "Sometimes children use mobile phones for no important reason and for many children a mobile phone is just a toy. According to Swedish researchers, people who started using mobile phones at the age of 10-19 years have a bigger risk of developing brain cancer than those who began using it at 29 years and older," said Mikutiene. In 2001, the use of mobile phones was prohibited in the schools of Great Britain, and in 2002 German doctors recommended to prohibit the use of mobile phones among children and limit its use among adolescents.