The meteorite in Mazsalaca was a fake

  • 2009-10-26
  • TBT staff and wire reports

It seems that there was no meteorite in Mazsalaca, after all

Tele2 head of marketing and sales Janis Sprogis stated, that Tele 2 isdirectly relevant to the "meteoritic fall" that took place nearMazsalaca.

"Wesimply wanted to inspire the people", - said Sprogis, mentioning,that the incident was staged.

Headded that, in such a way, the company wanted to drag the attentionof the World society to Latvia, which, judging by his words, canappeal not only with its crisis issues, but also from the point ofsomething unusual.

Sprogisalso promised to pay the damages the government had to suffer.

Asit was reported by the mass media, this Sunday [25. Oct] a meteoritehad fallen near Mazsalaca, creating a crater 20 meters (65 feet) diamand 3 meters (10 feet) deep. Still the scientist have determined thatit was, most probably, a fake, at once.