Valdas Adamkus: if the CIA prison existed - it is a crime

  • 2009-10-23
  • TBT staff and wire reports

The former president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus

Today [23. Oct] , Lithuanian ex-president Valdas Adamkus hasmentioned, that he did not have any information, concerning thedisposal if a secret CIA prison on Lithuanian territory,nevertheless, the president has claimed, that in case the rumorsprove out, Lithuania would have to make an official apology to theWorld society. What concerns the people responsible for fo suchmeasures 's they would have to face an appropriate punishment.

Adamkus thinks, that if convicts were brought to the country behindhis back, it is equivalent to a crime.

The former president mentioned in his statement, that no departmentsof any kind had contacted him on this issue, and he did not have aclue that something like this may happen.

"If such a thing really happened, and it will be proved, we wouldhave to make an apology, for the fact, that such a thing could havehappened in Lithuania. The people, who did this, not letting thepresident, the government or over departments know about it,commited a crime", - pointed out Adamkus.