Time to pitch in

  • 2009-10-22
Dear TBT,

The letter by William Mullins last week illustrates the behavior of governmental systems in post communist countries. While it is nothing new, when will something be done to develop and improve the situation?
Trying to find the mechanism on which that development process can begin is the key to introducing change. To do this, one needs perseverance, patience, and determination. One also needs support. Is it not a moral

responsibility of The Baltic Times (and others) to help find or even establish such mechanisms?
The international community and the diplomatic service could easily give a little of their time to these mechanisms of process and of change. It is a valuable form of 'corporate responsibility,' and the sharing of ones particular talent. Instead of grumbling, or stating the obvious, perhaps we should lead the way in strengthening or changing. Once a start is made, then others will follow,including Latvians! There are many Latvians willing to change, but need support, encouragement and guidance. Latvia is going to go through a winter of discontent. Many of the international community will not be too badly affected.

Perhaps by giving of their time to bring a little hope, motivation, mentoring, etc. the spring that follows will not seem a distant dream, as I know it does to many at this time.
The Baltic Times, like others, has an opportunity to do something practical, positive and real. May I issue the challenge and suggest we put our heads together and see what we can do?

Sean O'Donnell
Archdiocese of Riga


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