Latvian national football team on the highest place ever in FIFA ratings

  • 2009-10-16
  • TBT staff from wire reports

The head coach of Latvian national football team Alexander Starkov

Today [16. Oct], FIFA has published a new national team rating-list,where Latvian national team has achieved the highest place ever inthe history of Latvian football.

Compared to the latest ratings, published in September, the team ofAlexander Starkov has gained 11 positions and positioned itself onthe 47th place. Earlier the highest position Latvianfootball players had gotten in the official FIFA ratings was place 51,in the year 2003. The sudden rising of the Latvian national team canbe explained by a good performance on the 2010 World Cup qualifiers,where Latvian team had chances of qualifying to the final part of2010 World cup, up to the last stage of the qualifiers.

It should be mentioned, that all of the 3 baltic countries have risenin the FIFA rating. Lithuania now occupied position 59, but Estonia 's103.