Hospital protest draws riot control

  • 2009-08-31
  • TBT Staff

The halls of the Bauska hospital may remain empty if the reorganization plan goes into effect

BAUSKA-Police dispersed a peaceful protest today in Bauska as people gathered tovoice their anger over the closing of the towns only hospital.

According to police reports, the protest was unsanctioned, and residentprotestors blocked two bridges (Memele and Musa), the only ways in and out oftown, leaving drivers stranded for hours.

Four protestors were also detained for public intoxication, but overall theprotest was peaceful.

Public outcry over police reaction is also a heated topic at the moment.Many residents consider the riot gear, automatic weapons and sticks to be anover reaction  to the mild protest. Bauskapolice teamed up with Rigaforces to face off against the residents wielding picket signs and demanding tomeet the Health Minister.

According to Arija Gaile of the Bauska Region Council, the protest was notorganized, but spread by word of mouth.