Bureaucracy in Latvia

  • 2009-08-06
Where are strong and honest political leaders for Latvia? Political leaders who can and will do the best for the nation and its members. Who are responsible and trustful? It seems bureaucrats together with some irresponsible politicians have filled the vacuum in Latvian political life and taken command.

Is that good for the nation and its members? Why is there no discussion of the huge oversized bureaucracy in Latvia that is ineffective, costly, disordered, overpaid, has too many employees with too little competence, etc. Why is there no discussion of huge overpaid salaries for bureaucrats?
Why is there no discussion of the future of private enterprises and their possibilities in Latvia? If companies don't employ people and pay salaries, who will? Only companies can generate money for taxes, and tax money is needed for developing the country.

Bureaucrats use the money, many times wrongly.

There are many examples in the world where small nations can act effectively and generate welfare for its members and be respectful to other nations. Why doesn't Latvia want to be one of them?

Tim Fish


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