Vilnius in the lead among Baltic bourses

  • 1999-08-05
Apparently the Riga and Tallinn bourses are following each others lead, with volume on both dropping in tandem during the past week. Average daily turnover on the Riga Stock Exchange was down to $50,000. Activity on the Tallinn Stock Exchange succumbed to summer holidays as well, with daily turnover reaching only $300,000 on July 29, an unprecedented low for the Estonian trading floor.

Lack of investor interest resulted in weak stock prices on both the Riga and Tallinn bourses. To be fair, it should be noted that a drop in activity was seen last week on the New York and Russian stock markets as well.

The situation was completely different in Vilnius, however, as all stock exchange indexes there rose significantly, with the Litin index jumping 5.8 percent to 536.71 points, the Litin-A by 2.72 percent to 1069.39 points and the Litin-10 by 6.17 percent to 1051.59 points. From Vilnius also came the decision that the exchange will not seek to join with the Riga and Tallinn bourses at this time.