Cyber criminals found in Latvia

  • 2009-08-04
  • TBT staff

The company also has ties to a larger Russian cyber gang

RIGA-One of the world's largest cyber-crime networks has been discovered in Latvia. Acompany called Real Host was found by researchers to have 3.6 million personalcomputers involved in a botnet called Zeus.

The Financial Times reports that Zeus has links to Rock Phish, a Russian groupaccused of nearly 50 percent of the worlds phishing scams stealing bankinformation and credit card details.

Currently security experts are unsure as to the extent of Real Hosts controlof Zeus. However, authorities have uncovered several other cyber-criminalactivities at the company which is currently undergoing investigation byLatvian computing authorities.  

Swedish company Telia, the company Real Hosts used to connect to theinternet, is also investigated the criminal actions.