Midsummer celebrations underway

  • 2009-06-22
  • TBT Staff

Many businesses will be closed this week for Midsummer festivities

RIGA- As the Midsummer celebrations take off in the Baltics, police warn citizens to keep bonfires under control as well as issued warnings against drunk driving.
Stores have made way for pallets upon pallets of beer in anticipation of one of the most drunken nights of the year.
Amidst the economic crisis, residents are looking for ways to release tension and enjoy themselves, and already this year has seen a higher turnout for pre-festivities.

Events are planned for all three Baltic capitals:

Estonian tourism board has compiled a list of events in the area.

On June 23, the Estonian OpenAir Museum will take travelers on a journey through time to 1929, 1969and this year's mid-summer festivities:

1929 Open Air Museum Association concert night in Mereääre municipality - Alegendary night in 1929 will come to life on the village square,featuring August Pulst's village farce, "The Instrument Doctor", aboutthe history of the Tori brass choir.
Old instruments and music, dances and old wedding customs will all be illuminated.
The mayor of the municipality and the culture association's director will deliver a rousing address.

1969 Midsummer's Day on the "Sower" kolkhoz in the run-up to the 100th anniversary of the first song festival- The 100th anniversary of the first song festival is only a few daysaway. On the collective farm, there is excitement and anticipation; andsongs written for the occasion are performed.
Sketches from real life: Paul Rannik's variety show.
Clowns Piip and Tuut, the Nõmme women's choir and the folk music group Törts perform.
Speech by chairman of the kolkhoz and the cultural office.

2009 Folk music stage - Swayto songs by a group musicians with a sense of humour, the Pärnu Poisid(Pärnu Boys), and dance to tunes by the Väikeste Lõõtspillide Ühing(Association of Little Accordions), who are marking their 20th birthday.