Latvia to shut down nightclubs

  • 2009-06-04
  • TBT Staff

There are currently eight nightclubs that may be shut down

RIGA-In an effort tostem fraudulent nightclub behavior, President Valdis Zatlers along withvarious ministers and police chiefs have pledge to develop a plan within two weeksallowing the closing of clubs.

 The government alsoplans to introduce stricter regulations and new legislation for clubs and bars.

According to Interior Minister Linda Murniece, there are eight clubsin downtown Rigathat could be closed. The minister added that closing down these clubs willalso serve as a warning to other entertainment venues looking to swindletourists.  

Sandra Kukule, adviser to thepresident in legal matters, told that the current situation regarding the clubsthat swindle tourists is puzzling.

"Everyone is aware of clubs in question, yet not enough is being done tosolve the problem," said Kukule.

This vigorous action comes as a response to an increase in fraud and in somecases, violent crime involving tourists and nightclubs. President Zatlersorganized the meeting with officials to help solve this problem as he statedhis concern regarding Latvia'simage abroad. 

Several foreign embassies have released warnings to tourists regarding scams. The Embassy of the United Kingdom has also distributed pamphlets with information to keep tourists safe. The Embassy of the United States has also released a list of clubs and bars that have been places of crime or fraud.

Among the bars listed by the U.S. Embassy as places to avoid are:

 "Foxy Lounge" "Roxy Klub" "Lord's Pub" (formerly "Groks Pub  "Puzzle" (formerly "Pink Panther")  "Mary" "DD Bars" "Saxon" "Pussy Lounge" (formerly "Doll House" and "Zig Zag") "Infinity Bars" (formerly"Bar Fly") "Zephry Bar" "Sakura" (formerly "Nobu Sushi")