Summer of hair

  • 2009-04-30
  • By Jana Belugina

HAIR DAY: Fashion experts say that the trend for the summer will be to wear a cut that helps you stand out from the crowd.

TALLINN - Only one month of spring remains 's for some this means that their winter tires have to be changed, that ladies have fallen in love at least twice or that it is time to plan summer holidays. But what is probably the most important of all: the new fashion trends are clear for all to see.

All of the possible 's and impossible 's fashion weeks in every major city have finished by now, and stores are waiting with wide open doors for fashion gurus to refresh their wardrobes. Hairstylists are working day and night and forgetting about weekends, because they, like no one else, know that the new clothes don't mean anything to those with an outdated hair style.
Every respected hair products brand presents its own view of what is in fashion this season, while the top stylists make their own interpretations.

The popular Estonian stylist duet of Denis Kovalenko and Igor Zaharov, for example, have presented their clients with an invitation-only show of the latest trends in hair that they have developed with the help of Wella coloring products.
They named their collection DI-fusion after the first letters of their names and the unbelievable mixture of styles, color values, cuts and other integral parts to their trend setting look.
With the help of Sergei Ratkovski, one of the leading Estonian hairstylists, here is a list of some of the latest trends in spring/summer 2009 hair styles.

Most important is the length, remembering that last year all the celebrities were ruthlessly cutting their hair to make a famous Posh-bob, very soon named pob, cut. This year there are three possibilities for the summer cut 's either leave the length the same, which is nothing special and a real killer for trend-setters, let the hair grow out a bit or cut it down even more.

An even shorter cut would be a "pixie crop," which is a fabulous way of being glamorous, elegant and funky all at the same time. Add in extremes of either dark chocolate or permanent blond for coloring, and you get one of today's extremely fashionable hairstyles. But be aware that this hair cut is very demanding and lack of styling can add a couple of years to your complexion.

Another less demanding and nevertheless popular and stylish cut is the long bob, which will be quite common because it is the length all last season's pob wearers have by now. The hairstyle is probably the most convenient one ever invented on this planet; a shoulder length even cut gives many advantages as it can be worn straight or curly, with fringe or without, loose or pulled together. Millions of possibilities will allow you to stand out in a crowd just as much as with a pixie crop.
Now the colors, the main trend is as bright and exciting as possible. However, this should not in any case mean a combination of contrasting highlights and extreme tones 's colors must be mixed, but very transparently and by undetectable degrees.

There is no preferred color; both blondes and brunettes will find many new shades to experiment with, such as milky-strawberry, cinnamon and hazelnut. Redheads, meanwhile, are gaining in popularity and many consider it to be the new blonde 's not so extreme but nevertheless sexy.
There are plenty of possibilities for this spring and the summer that follows. Starting with the creation of a new look, it is advisable for you to visit to your hairstylist first, as your hair is something you are going to wear every day.