Muzprom 's a Russian party with style

  • 2009-04-08
  • By Jana Belugina

DECENT RUSSIAN MUSIC? The party is one of the only places in town one can hear good Russian DJs.

TALLINN - Holding a major Russian party in the Estonian capital has become a good tradition and a must-have event in the portfolio of every respectful night club. Some promoters try to make the party out to be glamorous, like caviar or fine vodka, while others prefer "matreshka" style fun, but regardless the theme they are usually the most awaited events of the month.

Seduction Discotheque is not an exception of this trend 's but the club could certainly be described as exceptional as its every party deserves special attention.
The long time policy of the club has been against any sort of Russian music. Seduction is known for its very carefully selected beats 's it invites only the best DJ's and constantly experiments with sound. The club has always had a reputation for its outstanding musical taste, so it is no surprise that promoters were not really eager to spoil all that by putting Russian pop music on, even if it does bring in a crowd.

Bad music is actually one of the flaws for all Russian parties, regardless the location. Of course, any DJ can put on a CD with the newest hits downloaded from the Internet, and people will be glad to hear familiar songs. However, the job of a good DJ is to make the difference between something anyone can listen to on the radio and something special that can be heard only in the club.

However reluctantly, it is time to admit that there are very few DJs playing good Russian music in the Baltics. But happily, it is possible to give a rare recommendation for good Russian music to Seduction night club for its positive Russian party Muzprom.
Muzprom's star of the top floor, DJ Max Milovanov, is talented in just about every kind of music. Max has been working for almost 15 years with Russian Radio, and his voice is probably known to everyone in town. Over the last few years, the DJ has gotten into pod casting, and thanks to that Muzprom now has its own pod cast programs available on the Internet.

A flawless music selection by Max is always something new and unexpected. Every single beat is superb and the songs are mixed one into another such that the flow of the night sets the most positive party mood in town. His music is absolutely the best Russian mix available in Tallinn.

But Seduction wouldn't be Seduction if it would be as simple as just finding the best DJ in town, pouring some vodka and letting the partiers enjoy themselves. As the club has two floors and it would be complete nonsense to have only one DJ playing, the club invited Oganes, a well-known DJ from Riga, to play as well.
Even after the very first performance Oganes made, it was clear that he would be a new resident DJ for the party. Though he mostly plays R&B and hip-hop, the performer is also an amazing house DJ, transforming his every set into a grand show.

Beside those two absolutely incredible DJs, with their own very unique style, there is always some kind of surprise waiting for the guests. Nobody ever knows what to expect from this party, but one thing is for sure 's it will definitely be a quality time.

The next Muzprom is coming up on April 10 in Seduction Discoteque.