The fast and the furious

  • 2009-04-02
  • By Jana Belugina

FORMULA ONE: The rush of adrenalin that can be experienced racing go-carts, along with the professional looking helmets and uniform, make many feel like they are driving in the big leagues.

TALLINN - Though from the headline one might expect this to be a movie review, this is actually about a place where people can experience for themselves the thrill of race car driving. The movie may have explosions, violence and beautiful women, but Tallinn's go-cart race tracks offer no less fun and excitement.

After a long, quiet and slow winter, the time has finally come for people to pull themselves together and wake up, as the spring and summer tempo of life is starting to show its face. To date, nobody has invented anything better for the human body to wake up than a surge of adrenalin through the bloodstream.

Just imagine being dressed up in a racing suit, just like a Formula 1 star with a shiny helmet and driving gloves, sitting down in a car, turning the key and hearing the powerful engine start to rumble. Press the gas with hand clenched on the wheel as the countdown starts 's three, two, one, go. With head spinning and adrenalin surging, a warm feeling of total happiness spreads over the body.

Anyone can get this kind of experience from go-cart racing. This is a popular attraction in Tallinn, especially during the summer season when all the fresh air tracks are open. Yet this kind of activity can be great when the sun is shining or when the rain is pouring 's different weather gives different driving experiences but no matter the conditions it is a thrill.

The most popular and technically advanced go-cart center is Saurix. Located on the very edge of the city, near the beginning of the highway to Parnu or Riga, this center welcomes single drivers as well as large groups of people.

For the new season Saurix has renewed its equipment 's the go-carts are now much more powerful, nicer and sleeker looking.  The go-carts are supplied with an individual timing system that gives the racer exact information about the time spent on each lap right after crossing the finishing line. Saurix is currently the most modern indoor go-cart center in the Baltic states, offering the most exciting events all year long.
The complex also has a bar with some snacks and a variety of drinks, as well as a sauna that can fit a maximum of 30 people so that a big group can spend a great time organizing a special racing competition and then discussing the results on a wooden bench, surrounded by hot air.
Another advanced go-cart center is on another side of the city in Viimsi, a district located by the sea. At this center drivers can test the best go-cart car in Europe, the Rimo Evo-4. It offers entertainment for the whole family, both children and adults.

Anyone interested can ask about organizing a personal tournament for a specific group of people. The group will then be able to break up into teams 's for example, children can compete against their parents or ladies can test their driving skills competing against men.

Some more possibilities for go-cart races will open in the summer, but those are only seasonal treats and there is no reason to wait for the weather when some of the top centers in the country have opened their tracks.
Ready? Set? Go!