• 2009-03-18
You may be interested to know that Turtas Bankas is planning to sell off the former Vilna Ghetto Library on April 8, 2009, at 9:00 a.m.  I am sickened by the thought that this bank will be allowed to sell off what does not legally, or ethically or morally belong to them. Below is a link about the proposed sale. On Monday [March 16] I am going over to personally notify both the Vilnius JCC and the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum about this.

This absolutely must be stopped.  If it cannot legally be stopped, then somehow the Jewish community must find a way to buy back this historic building.

On the bank's Web site, it reads:
Turto Bankas was established to reconstruct, manage and sell non-performing loans, redeemed from commercial banks, identified by the government. Loans and assets are to be managed and sold in a manner allowing the losses of the government and simultaneously of all the citizens of Lithuania due to bank crisis to be maximally reduced.

Non-residential building Zemaitijos g. 4, Vilnius

Wyman Brent
Vilnius, Lithuania


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