Insurance for sale in Riga

  • 1999-07-29
  • By Anastasia Styopina
RIGA - The insurance brokerage Unipolise opened the first insurance store in the Baltics July 20.

The store, located in Riga's Old Town, will offer insurance products provided by all insurance companies registered in Latvia, including liability insurance, green cards and mortgage insurance.

"We decided to take a step toward clients and offer various insurance companies' products in one place," said Unipolise President Zanete Jaunzeme.

The insurance brokerage has been operating since 1996 servicing mostly corporate clients. Ants Grende, the new store's head, admitted that Unipolise decided to set up the store since people used to ask advise on which insurance product to choose.

"We didn't want to deny them assistance," Grende said. "A store was needed where they could come and ask all their questions and choose the insurance they need."

Unipolise has signed contracts with eight Latvian insurance companies. The company promise to open similar stores in other Latvian towns, if this undertaking proves successful.