• 2009-01-28
Prior to the U.S.A.'s presidential election, I wrote a letter exposing then presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama for his socialist agenda for America.  It is most unfortunate that one reader (Harry Gaffney from Riga) responded by accusing me of being prejudiced against black people along with more misinformation.  Playing the race card to discredit someone is an old trick that is getting rather tiresome and ineffective.
It is quite clear that Gaffney's sources of information are lacking for the truth.  He states that "Obama won the presidency by a landslide." I would not define the voter breakdown of 52 percent for Obama (including the voter fraud votes) and 45 percent for McCain a landslide!

Gaffney's disputes my comments describing A.C.O.R.N as an organization heavily involved in voter fraud for Obama. Guess he missed the news coverage of people interviewed who were bribed by A.C.O.R.N. to register multiples times with the Democratic Party. Guess he missed the part where in some areas more people voted then were registered.

Obama ran on the platform of being "transparent" to the voters 's unfortunately a selective promise. U.S. constitutional rules stipulate that the President must be a "naturally born citizen." When information surfaced that Obama was born in Kenya and schooled in Indonesia, Obama had all birth and school records sealed. Unless Obama proves otherwise, he is not a legitimate President of the U.S.A.

Diane Foster
California, USA


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